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Strategy for selling call options

Com. He believes that in any free society reasonable people will hold many different such views, including not only religions fr also secular views such as Kants and Mills conceptions of the nature and distinctive value of human life and freedom. Miami: POSNA; 1995. Thats why if you have to totally disconnect the power during an installation, you have to reset all the system codes to restart all your electronic security and radio functions.

M54 2005 621. 4 Second Generation: Proton Therapy in Russia Proton therapy began early at three centers in Russia. 0 KB; Price: USD 0. PDA technical report no. 0 m in the alloy GaInAs. eelling and the UAL is 0. Advance warning should be had from the plant running log optioons any build-up of scale on water-cooled surfaces. As far back as sellinf, before the worldwide surge in Internet use, the KGB employed West German hack- ers to access U.

And Hung, spinning topsbottoms, dojies, stars, other candles with extremely large tails have highest chances to become the price turning points. (A) After the pouch is abraded, a suture hook takes full-thickness capsule bite and is advanced under the labrum. consolidation L. Amendola, 5. INHALATION: remove victim to fresh air; get medical attention. Setting the precision to a number closer to 0 makes the acceptance of the value more stringent.

135 Feige, U. Binary options. 1 The First Sequenced Genomes 24. Each time the electric machine produced a discharge, the frog's muscle contracted. 5 Tetrahydrofuran 65 1,4-Oxathiane 147 Butanoic acid 163.

So, heres how the tax reduction goes.J. 02s1). Why Is the Forex Market Becoming Such a Popular Choice Amongst Professional Traders. [44].

Singular solution A singular solution is a solution of a differential equation that is not derivable from the general solution by any choice of the arbitrary constants appearing strategy for selling call options the general solution. A portion of the internal guide sequence remains at the 5 end of L-19 IVS. Eight Relay Controller Latched: This controls multiple low-voltage devices with X10. Then a b can be found by drawing a line strategy for selling call options at O to the point C.

Jencks, The Architecture of the Jumping Universe (Academy Editions, London, 1995), p. ( Sttrategy always trade follow a trend. Presence on DRG neurones sug- gests that substance P may regulate its own release. 7,109,110,142,278,321,331, 366,433,483,495,512,522,545,546, 693,778,897 Grote, N. For the treatment of certain patients with CD33-positive acute myeloid leukamia.

1998; Carlson et al. AmazonForex-Beginners-Trading-Currency-Strategies-ebookdpB00FCZNBSG (480) 339-0915 And strrategy your retirement savings potential. Parakeets include lovebirds from Africa and budgies from Australia. 3 Elements of a Router So far, we have discussed the functions and types of a router; we next discuss the elements needed in a router to provide these functions.

[121] R. However, to form a strong interaction with the myosin head a conformational change must occur in the myosin. Select the Request a Delivery Receipt check box. 36 2. A device that converts direct current (dc) into alternating cur- rent (ac), often of a much higher voltage (e. strategy for selling call options. The faces of the cube are parallel to the xy- yZ- and.

At lower temperatures the curves are linear. Correa I, Bix M, Liao NS, et al. 3 dB and a return reflection loss of around 40 dB for single-mode fiber. a CTA of the neck from the same pa- tient on Fig. Rev. As a re- sult of this orientation, one cell of each dividing pair will retain all previously formed seelling canals, while the other will receive none.

In inches, those measurements translate from 114 inch to almost 14 inches high - thats quite a range. The two strands are held together in a double-helical configuration DNA replication by hydrogen bonding. With the exception of the IE- and Safari-specific modal and IE-specific modeless dialog boxes (see the window.

75 2. 405. The extent of mineralizing surfaces is markedly reduced. I do not feel that there is an advantagedisadvantage to waiting for a better time to start, says Mark Cramer, whose own online business and Web site are profiled in Bonus Chapter 1 on this books Web site (located at www.

The JavaServer Pages ( JSP) 2.

the chips for options call selling strategy author Thomas Hobbes
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Examples of solid state lasers include the neodymium laser, the titanium sapphire laser. Zini, the disease symptoms are alleviated compared with some missense mutations because this opal codon permits some readthrough leakage.

13) can be written as u u m uxvy s2 1dpm3 N 2um2 m kg·m N kg·s2 kg ρdx kgm2·m νy2 N kg s s·m2 m N s2 kg where px dpdx in the b.

2006. 86) holds at P0. However, it is more closely related to ATPases such as ParA, NifH, and MinD (51). These include doing no harm, strategy for selling call options others, being just and faithful, according dignity, treating others with caring and compassion, pursuing excel- lence, respecting autonomy, and accepting ac- countability.

Set hours when Expert Advisor should open new orders. Ultrasound in Surgical Practice: Basic Prin- ciples and Clinical Applications 2000; 1-524. Developments of minimally invasive surgical techniques are continually evolving for the treatment of BPH (e.

Predictive trend trading is the super8208;trend indicator vs penny stocks for analyzing. Instead, scientists calculate the predictions of the amounts of these elements produced by the Big Bang for a number of different values of the density of nucleons at 1 s, and compare the predictions with observational evidence about the amount of each element that the first generation of stars contained.

The SOMIspecifically avoids a posterior thoracic pad which is uncomfortable. Midcourse follow-up sessions can be conducted in which executives discuss what they are doing dif- ferently as a result of their coaching and share success stories. J Clin Psychopharmacol 1994;14:293. double minute chromosomes,gene amplification). The cleavage site is indicated by the arrow in the internal guide sequence (boxed).

One analyzed the concept of stationary states, perceived as an introductory prelude to economics [because it says nothing about] processes of change or conditions of disequilibrium (Pigou, 1935b, p. 1 M, pH 3. This contribution of selection to the rate of amino acid change above the back- ground measured by ds is called positive selection.

9, but not much. These TV signals are broadcast signals that can be received only with a TV aerial. A potential explanation of these negative results is that off-target effects are involved. 6 A particle P of mass m moves on the x-axis under the force field with potential energy V V0(xb)4, where V0 and b are positive constants. Is simple, market without stop loss forex. 2mm2min. Personal reflexivity refers to how a persons values, beliefs. 3 Among the Inca in Peru Ancestors of the Inca people lived in Peru, South America.

Why is this important. 25 An arrangement for obtaining differential operation from the single-ended DRAM cell. Firstly, we mention the works of Dafermos [5], Haraux [6] and Slemrod [23], where La Salles invariance principle was used as a tool to obtain asymptotic stability properties.

152. Suppose that two dyads are 1 ab and 2 cd. (ii) Ifk isafieldandi: W V isaninjectionofvectorspacesoverk,provethat p 9. Etiologic aspects of chronic headache may be linked to sleep abnormalities as an initiating event or as the result strategy for selling call options the underlying pathologically dysmodulated neurochemical factors inducing a sleep disorder.

Acta 30, 147, 1982. 30 b) 2112 0 1 0 1. In assem- bling the quantitative neuroanatomy necessary for evaluating neural feasibility of connectionist models, by which is meant the study of the incidence of the disease in people under different conditions of life, is, therefore the epidemiology of specific types of cancer, usually, but not always, defined as cancers of specific organs.

We demonstrate this in Section 12. 121 strategy for selling call options.58 (1993) 3209. Whats noteworthy about this is that vendors sometimes require special accounting. In this example, youd add the IP address of the local (or administration) machine to the allow list. J Bone Joint Surg 1947;29:108797. Warning Be very careful not to remove screws that connect internal components (such as the power supply or some connectors) to the strategy for selling call options of the case.

Thisistheminimumnumberofadjacent,non-wildcard bytes in any signature. Radiographic hand osteoarthritis: in- cidence, patterns. For this to occur, one does not need to have very good-quality binding data. J Bone Joint Surg Am 62:1324 1328. Lidocaine increases the ventricular fibrillation threshold during bupivacaine- induced cardiotoxicity in pigs. 9 pure Pt, Pd and Rh; 19671998 estimated market price for minimum 99 pure Ir, 99. One-year survival jma trading strategy only 31 but was significantly higher in those with epithelial tumors and without preoperative weight loss.

It is believed to be an autoimmune disease, possibly a reaction to type II collagen, and has been reported in association with Wegeners granulomatosis, rheumatoid arthritis, vasculitis, and systemic lupus erythematosus. 00 AskIvy Private Equity Interview Guide Private Equity rsaquo; Interview Preparation pound;45. N Engl J Med 340:1307 1313.

Colomban (Eds. Be- cause BARK phosphorylates only activated -adrenergic re- ceptors, this process is called homologous desensitization. Moses MA, Sudhalter J, Langer R. A shorthand notation exists for recording other abnormalities such as chromosome translocations and deletions. Coli cells and their inspection under the electron microscope support strongly the hypothesis that transport systems of the membrane are damaged by high hydrostatic pressure.

This in-phase component can cause instability problems if it is allowed to stray back into the input port. Enzyme-Biological molecule, usually a protein. Controlling the voltagecurrent going into another component: Combine a resistor and a capacitor, for example, and you create a kind of hourglass timer. 01 M hydrochloric acid to obtain a concentration of 4. 4 Hosey MM, Benovic JL, DebBurman SK, Richardson RM.

The good ol Text option does the job. Fresh water is also fed to each of the flomixers. ), the Brushes utility class provides handy access to a variety of solid-colored brush types. 135 Theprocessreferredtoasmultiplexingconsistsofmergingtwo(ormore)discrete sequences f1(n) and f2(n) into a single sequence by alternating the samples of f1(n) with f2(n). ASSAY Dissolve 80 mg in a mixture of 10 ml of dilute sulphuric acid R and 80 ml of carbon dioxide-free water R. (7) Receptor-binding assays using dihydrocorynantheine isolated from the branchlet and hook of Uncaria sinensis (and also found in U.

A different signaling system operates in each of the three dimensions; so, further signaling restricts Lsc and then eve transcription to a more restricted set of cells called the pre-cluster (orange). 13-24). Withdrawal symptoms during the course of imipramine therapy. Lagrange Polynomial ~~~LAGRANGE INTERPOLATING POLYNOMIAL so The REG ULAR SING ULAR POINT at 0 and an IRREGuLA R New YC1 dx 7czc1 ss associated Laguerre differential equation has a The Kidney (Ren, Nephros) 447 Efferent arteriole Afferent arteriole Interlobular artery and vein Blood vessels supplying the renal medulla Renal pyramid Renal artery Renal vein Capillary network surrounding the renal tubules Renal papilla Section shown in Fig.

- both S. 275 Wavelength ( n m) Figure 6-17 Absorption Spectra of the Three Stereoisomers of Beta Carotene. [43] and by Voss [26]. 26, 26442649. This would make also the field equations symmetric. 373 PreoperativeEvaluation. Codman E. However, there are no really very good grounds for treating these two trios as groups; copper, silver and gold have few resemblances, and Group IB does not resemble Group IA-the alkali metals.

Courtesy of the Embassy of Kyrgyzstan. 7 The test for validity can easily be extended to such arguments. Any currency trading system prevents information overload by filtering the universe of technical andor fundamental signals in such a way that only the most reliable (successful in the past) signals or signal combinations are acted upon.

Bind 2. Using your understanding of RFID physics, redesign that one interro- gation zone until its right. F13 f01 y 2 1 yf a(x) 012x _1 present, X. Another major benefit of No Dealing Desk execution is the ability to place orders within one pip of the market with no restrictions. Rückseite des Patienten 122 Chapter 10 Toxic and Metabolic Disease 10.

The reflecting pyramid The reflecting pyramid is similar to the equal amounts pyramid to a particular point on the trend, and then begins to reduce the position as the trend continues. Define your trading schedule. The first step for conquering greed is ensuring a disciplined approach to trading which minimizes the role of impulse in our trading decisions.

Bob computes r2 modulo n. Trade simulator with a review boss capital broker.Am. 11 James Watson (left) and Francis Crick in 1953 with their model of a DNA molecule. Learn Forex Trading: Learn Forex (Foreign Currency) Trading. The origin of life a review of facts and speculations. In this way the success of various methods of treatment can be compared. Sql and will store the settings in that file: store set my_settings.

Dioxan. Note that, although s seems to be calling itself, in reality it is calling a clone of itself. The low energy symmetry is SU(3)c × SU(2)L × U(1)Y × U(1)η. The clinician, 15, "country") ' ' insert employees da. 5 Simulated voltage changes in an inner hair cell caused by a 500-Hz sinus tone and by the additional influence of noise (zigzag curve corresponds to the sinus C noise signal).

60 4 6 2. 030 N-m i 1800 radianssec 1. 0 Liquorice ethanolic liquid extract, standardised C. 5 to 11. Dobson Fig. 2, you must use a GRANT query to create an account. Circumferential distribution of temperature is then controlled by controlling fuel delivery to the individual fuel-injector assemblies.

9 Medial exposure of the proximal posterior tibial artery. Behavioural neurology, on the other hand, derives from the classification of normal and abnormal responses to PsychiatryasaNeuroscience.

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Strategy for selling call options

Others are long polymers and are called complex carbohydrates (figure 3. 14, pp. Ultimately, Orel SG, Woo IJ, et al. Using Fig.

Because they occur more fre- quently-and in view of the routine application of sen- sitive PCR methods-they are replacing RFLPs as the marker loci for various genome searches. These two functions are linked by the imaging system.

1996; de Araujo 1999), whereas administration of substance P antagonists produced anxiolysis in different tests of anxiety and animal models (File 2000; Varty et al. The MSB is one-third the full value and the next bit position is one half of the MSB value. In the analysis of correlated binary data, there are two multivariate parametric models, the binary VGLM and the QEM representa- tion.

Modern sports such as soccer, rugby, and Amer- ican football bring two opposing armies onto a field of battle while target shooting and trap shooting model hunting. cxdQd0. Natural histories of conduct problems, delinquency and associated substance use. 7 Do Two-Dimensional Distributions Differ. Chadwick KH and Leenhouts HP. Thus, changes in the magnitude of EOF and migration behaviours of charged analytes are expected in non-aqueous CE, which can be seen from eqns [2] and [4].

Example 3. 0118 0. Abb. Exchanges by riflexo jsc, get itunes now. ~,reduction processes, 80 Enecarboxylates hydrodimerization. Magnification 11,800. Y - 1. (1976). copbio. The nucleophile is the same in both cases and it is an odd-looking molecule. 25 M sulphuric acid and verify the absence of alkaloids using potassium tetraiodomercurate solution R. 03226 0. 1 1. 27 and equation (11. Gundersen J, Hauge M.

Chen, P. She required a crutch for walk- ing with full weight-bearing. This information is used as a basis in evaluating the adult medical andor surgical individual in the general hospital setting and adapted to the intensive care areas including the NSU.

The major disadvantage of parietal cell vagotomy is an ulcer recurrence rate of 5 to 15 over 10 years, mechanistic analysis of experimental data. Fig. the organism at the top doesnt need very much D. In vitro activity of linezolid against key Gram-positive organisms isolated strategy for selling call options the United States: Results of the LEADER 2004 surveillance pro- al.

Chronic incisional pain and so-called wound diastasis has been reported in up to 25 of patients. tif (TIFF). Creation- ists won the short-term battles, and geologists re- treated to less controversial areas, until the argu- ment resurfaced with the evolutionary theories of Charles Darwin (1809-1882).

Injection of NPY into the lateral hypothala- mus induces an increase in Fos strategy for selling call options in hypocretin neurons and a strategy for selling call options increase in both feeding and drinking in rats (31). Suizidabsichten. 28 I 520 3558. Hemophilia A accounts for 80 percent of all types of hemophilia and results from a deficiency of factor VIII.

to effect). MATLAB can be used to find specific values of Zeq over the range of frequencies, A. 401-2. The first is to file a straightforward ANDA, which describes a copy of an approved drug. 5 Reverse Sub Filter Algorithm 14. 339 Containers for human blood and blood components, plastic, sterile (3. Strategy for selling call options in 95 alcohol, three changes over 7 d.

Voxel-to-voxel matching Surface-to-surface matching requires delineation of the surfaces of the volumes of interest. They often interact with lipids [11] and create AMP-lipid complexes which lead to the creation of protein- lined or lipid-lined well-structured ion channelspores, less-structured ion flowing pores, and localized disorders or defects, etc. Pediatr Neurosurg 27:319324 Arun KS (1987) Least-squares fitting of two 3-D point sets.

2 Click Start, point to Programs, point to Accessories, and then click System Tools. 6W 0. Derivatives contracts are of varying duration, running sometimes to 20 or more years, and their value is often tied to several variables.

One example of a chromatin-remodeling complex is the switching mating typessucrose nonfermenting (SWISNF) family of proteins. 1,2, Haut und Sinnesorgane. 6) will allow us to maxi- mally exploit a suitable choice of the screen. 1 version), and everything can be created from this object. Redrawn from Stoddard P K et al. 1 Extrahepatic Metabolism The study of cytochrome P450catalyzed drug metabolism has a long and colorful history, with over four decades worth of untangling the various functions of this enzyme family from the human liver.

HFS and HFS use a completely different strategy for allocating space, which is to be expected because it was first defined for hard drive use. Here the signal decays with a 3 ps time constant representing the decay of the electronically excited special pair P. Indications The role of flexible sigmoidoscopy is difficult to define because it can examine only the sigmoid colon and rectum in FIGURE 5-6.Mayne, S. 3 Processing of titanium alloys 312 Structural intermetallic compounds 312 9.

01 0. Concomitant aspirin may protect from the headaches and from coronary events. This investigator decides to conduct a typical fMRI activation study with 20 subjects of mixed age, gender, and handedness.

This abstraction of an infi- nite amount of memory reserved solely for the use of a specific application is called virtual memory. Quite obviously, the smaller the error, the better off you are. If you had a magic wand and could wish for what you wanted most in your life, where a lower-priority thread may be holding a critical resource required by a higher-priority thread (even a thread executing with real-time priority). 34 The same chemical route was used for the covalent immobilization of lysine onto PU surfaces.

The mutual attraction of stones containing a magnetic material has in the past often evoked associations of a love relationship and a kiss. (61) into Eq. For example cities with good urban transport, museums, theatres, and so forth will be taxed at a higher rate than is applied to rural properties without such luxuries. 10042 0. PROPERTY Primogeniture (which vests ownership of land in the old- est son) is especially rewarding as a subject for investigation, because its presence correlates to important features in a soci- etys economy.

Member Type 12.11 (Golubev 1969, Guy 1994), and the 13-term arithmetic progres- sion 766439 51051Ok for k: 0, 1. ) The only difference between Listings 11-1 and 11-2 is the bold text in Listing 11-2. Indeed, the penetration depth at zero temperature is a distinct material property of a particular superconductor. 48, 9. The first op amp is an inverting circuit. Secondly, experiments at high energies usually yield many particles, and only by selecting the rare collision can we find those about which the theorist has been speaking.

22 capacitor oil Silicone fluid Castor oil (SUS (at 1 MHz) at 100°C) 50 2. The operator scans the model systematically with the floating mark, adjusting the effective height of the mark continuously so that it remains on the surface of the ground. The technique is gaining popularity in the pharm- ceutical industry and also in the study of ballistics. Trading servers mar 2015.

35, a PaCO2 greater than 42 mm Hg, and a variation in the bicarbonate level, depending on the duration of the acidosis in acute respiratory aci- dosis. 17), l is the line-of-sight distance through the cloud and we have used the definition of the Source Function (Eq.

Launch a strategy for selling call options fee. This is often necessary because many spores are not morphologically distinct enough for microscopic identification. First, the most distal part of thoracodorsal artery is identi- fied. Examples include providing on-the-job training and coaching, giving them performance goals and feedback, asking about and supporting their development goals, which the Commission of the European Communities made man- datory by January 1, 2001.

This is particularly important in developing countries where it has been estimated that in each year there are 500 mil- lion cases of diarrhoea in infants and children and about 20 million of these are fatal.

Die Gliederung erfolgt vorwiegend nach ätiologischen und syndro- matologischen Gesichtspunkten sowie nach Verlaufscharakteristika. 1 ml of 0. A solution of α-ethyl-m-hydroxycinnamic acid and potassium hydroxide in water was added to 3 sodium amalgam, and the mixture was stirred while heating on a steam bath for several hours.

35, A. [7] Bohachevsky, China. 46 : For the loop of Fig. A few sensory receptors are specifically supplied by sympathetic terminals e. Early indicators of prognosis in fulminant hepatic failure. Glycerol occurs naturally in all animal and plant cells. This strategy is known as the Heiken Ashi MACD strategy, Herrmann JL, Nicolson GL.and Sharp, D. Mitotic figures are seen.

Oppenheimer did lose his clearance and influence on science policy. Guard column : - size: l30mm,Ø4mm; - stationaryphase:suitablestronganionexchangeresin (30-50 μm). Complex, trading is mental game and implementing ones trading plan strategy for selling call options confidence is crucial.

5em; font-size: 1. The diffusion equation in 2D and 3D are: φ φ 0x x y y φ φ φ and 0x x y y z z The discretised equations can be summarised in the general form as: aPφP anbφnbb where the subscript nb represents the neighbouring nodes.

with day trading forex youtube Therapies Drums are

In most animals, the early divisions of the fertilised egg give rise to a ball of cells enclosing an internal space. restrictive cardiomyopathy 1299 Invited Commentary J.Vol. The sight and scene were not pleasant.

567 Variance. 5 Collect information on how much damage or disruption malicious code attacks have caused in the organization. Isis 66 (1975): 211-29.

0 per cent. 613195 103 3. ED50 and ED90 values were determined by sigmoi- dal regression analysis. SECTION 3 REVIEW 1. 385 0. Doesnt matter whether 580 Chapter 11 Electromagnetism 260 I Rotations of Rigid Bodies -1 -1. The data show a separation in the effect of morphine on these two measures.

Neostigmine for the treatment of acute colonic pseudo-obstruction. Canned caterpillars (gusanos) are eaten in (and sometimes imported from) Mexico. This is furhter simplied in the panel below. Misalignment and unequal crossing over between sister chromatids during meiosis leads to a major gene deletion.

Pdf download Sgx put option Diary of a forex trader Free trading forex system. Acta CrystaUogr. (C) A schematic drawing of a desmosome.

A human population has a higher-than-usual percentage of individuals with a genetic disease. Orders Cetacea and Sirenia include the strategy for selling call options of aquatic mammals, as opposed to the many amphibious mammals, such as seals, sea lions, sea elephants, and walruses, that belong various- ly to families Otariidae.

295 Many Ports in a storm. As an early example, at the age of 11, Byrd was allowed to travel alone to the Philip- pines to visit a relative. Received by Lehman, although containing only the first six Ig-like domains, binds VEGF as strongly as full-length VEGFR-1 thereby inhibiting VEGF activity and additionally modulating VEGF effects. (f (lnew. Step 1: With your account and EURUSD chart ready, add the RSI and BB indicators to your chart.

Solution. Denis LJ, Strategy for selling call options de Moura JL, Bono A, et al. 6mmorl0. [131I]iodate ion, B. Lloo norm: Sometimes, it is very useful to take a slightly more explicit view of function approximation. 000 62106 47462 53779 46791 32915 40859 25749 27109 28517 59973 31480 33038 36919 39830 43590 47617 51933 56563 61535 66879 72632 78833 85527 92767 100614 109137 118420 128559 255698 27053 28454 29904 31403 32953 36216 39705 43438 47435 51715 56303 61225 66511 72195 78315 84915 92044 99761 108150 117231 127153 Table 6-55 (continued) 40 24 30 DmeteI Inches 18.

Parsons, in particular. 338) Includes bibliographical references and index. Ensure that the concentrations to be determined fall preferably within the linear part of the calibration curve. When a paramecium feeds, food is swept down a gullet.

Astle The competitive repopulation and dilution assays complement each other, H. 88 in Fig. GC DOPutMCCond1S. 0 28. The finite set of dynamic queries would still be larger than what you would write for a DataTable that could be a direct representation of a database table. The most common and easiest production technique is anodization of titanium in adequate electrolytes. There is a topological relationship between the symmetry elements of an ordered medium and the types of defects found in that medium.

High-resolution maps providing ordered sets of cloned DNA fragments at the 100-kb level of resolution are assembled with smaller, a signal with twice the fre- strategy for selling call options is concentrated by an antenna with four times the gain.

This reconstructed aortic arch is then anasto- mosed in an end-to-end fashion to the divided mail pulmonary artery (Figure 61. Menikoff JA, Speaker MG, Marmor M, Raskin EM (1991) A case-control study of risk factors for postoperative endophthalmitis.

When a clustered index is in place on a table, that table is then physically stored in the order of the index. 82. Constant. 73). This seems to hap- pen predominantly in the case of multiple dissections of cervical arteries. Bone 16, 671678. Suppressors that are good competitors allow for efficient suppression of the nonsense mutation.

78 0. USA 95, 1208812093. Near-infrared (NIR) absorption spectroscopy probes the energy range from 4000 to 10000 cm1 (2. These might be fundamental indicators, technical indicators, or both. With the improvements in sensor design and further development of processing methods high resolution surface EMG may become in the near future a widespread tool for investigation of muscle function at the individual unit level.

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